Holiday Shipping Information Banner

If you're purchasing items for arrival by December 25th, please see our dates below. We ship USPS only, but we do offer Priority Mail (two to three days delivery) and Priority Mail Express (one day for urban destinations and two days for rural). The dates below reflect the time it takes to engrave, package, and ship your items. 

If you have a custom order, please email us (info@elephantengraving.co) or message us to discuss and we can likely get it there on-time!


  • First Class Package: Order by noon Central Time on December 17
  • Priority Mail: Order by noon Central Time on December 18
  • Priority Mail Express: Order by noon Central Time on December 22

Please keep in mind that the only service that has a delivery guarantee from USPS is Priority Mail Express. Elephant Engraving Co will ensure your packages are accepted by USPS on the dates recommended by them for delivery no later than December 25th, but we cannot guarantee actual delivery. 

See usps.com for all USPS holiday shipping information: https://www.usps.com/holiday/holiday-shipping-dates.htm