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On November 15th, 2017, the Argentine submarine ARA San Juan was lost at sea embarking her crew of 44 en eterna patrulla, leaving behind 59 children. Since then, submariners and various others from around the world have come together to raise funds to buy Christmas gifts for their children each year. All of the profits from these items are being offered for the 2021 fundraiser.

If you’re not interested in an one of the items you see here, please see for other ways to support. 

All of the hard goods are made-to-order by a former US Navy submariner (EM1/ss). Due to being made-to-order, products may see an extended shipment timeline. We aim to manufacture and ship items as orders arrive, but some items may not be shipped until the end of the benefit. If you have a need to prioritize your order's shipment, please send an email to so we can work to ensure we meet your timeline. 

Only products that have “ARA San Juan Benefit” in their name will have their proceeds donated to the benefit. That includes all products on this page. 

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  • ARA San Juan "En Eterna Patrulla" Engraved Tumbler
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